Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D 1.6 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)

Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D 1.6 ApkMod unlimited money

Latest Version of Download Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D APK MOD, Unlimited Money Download – for android Simulation Mobile Game Detail.

Game: Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D
Category: Simulation
Version: 1.6
ID: com.carpedial.minibusdriversimulation

Download Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D Game Screenshot

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Short description of Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D APK MOD Game – Are you interested in minibuses? We travel with minibuses frequently, for some it is a daily routine and for some, it is a nostalgic activity. With the minibus game, you are the driver, not the passenger in the minibus!
The controls of the van are completely in your hands!

We wanted you to make your minibus journey at the highest level and we thought that minibus games should be suitable for the game dynamics of 2021. And we created our game that offers a perfect minibus

It takes up very little space in your storage space thanks to its code structure that is too light, thanks to this it does not slow your phone down.

If you say there are very nice minibus games, we want you to meet the best.


The game graphics have been designed using the highest level graphics engines; In this way, you will experience realism at the highest level. You will feel the vibrations, grip the steering wheel, hear the sound of the tire in your ears when you brake, and even see the tire track! Everything has been considered to increase the enjoyment you get from the game!

Would minibus be without music? We thought it couldn’t be, and we added a radio to your minibus, so you can enrich your ride with songs.

We said the minibus would not be straight and we offered you modified options, you will be able to modify your minibus as you wish. What is your favorite color? Your van can be that color! Wide range of tuning options make a strong impression on you.

Minibus is similar to cargo games, the only difference is that you are not carrying goods, you are carrying alive human passengers. That’s why you need to drive more carefully than cargo games.

If you are looking for a luxury minibus model, do not worry, we have thought of everything and designed many minibus models for you. You will earn points as you play with this minibus simulator and you will be able to unlock new minibus models with the points you earn.

If you say that you love long roads and looking for long road minibus games, we have not forgotten you, our game has a very large map.

We designed an air horn that will make you feel different every time you press it! You can choose any of the horns we have designed and press the horn where necessary. Be careful! Do not press the cool horn unnecessarily. You don’t want to make your passengers cranky.

The camera angles offer many different angles, so you can have a driving experience as you wish. If you want, you can see your minibus from the outside, or you can also see it at the wheel. Switching between camera angles is also very simple.

How To Play?

This minibus game is based on a very simple logic; You collect your passengers from the stops and along the way, there are passengers getting off and on at the stops just like in real life. If you can reach the last stop without making any mistakes, you will complete the section.

What you need to control; Steering, gas, brake, gear, horn and door opening-closing keys

If you have always wondered about being a minibus driver, you will be able to master detail blow-by-blow thanks to this simulator. We guarantee that we have designed the perfect minibus game for you. Those who love taxi games may especially like this minibus game because the only difference is that you drive a powerful and big minibus instead of a small passenger car.

Minibus Van Driver Simulation Game 2021 3D 1.6 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)
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