MeteoHeroes The Beginning 1.0 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)

MeteoHeroes The Beginning 1.0 ApkMod unlimited money

Latest Version of Download MeteoHeroes The Beginning APK MOD, Unlimited Money Download – for android Educational Mobile Game Detail.

Game: MeteoHeroes The Beginning
Category: Educational
Version: 1.0
ID: com.tiwi.meteokids

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Short description of MeteoHeroes The Beginning APK MOD Game – Come and play with the MeteoHeroes: Fulmen, Nix, Nubes, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum!

Learn how weather works!
On their tenth birthday, in six faraway places on Earth, six children, to their surprise, discover they each have a special power controlling weather phenomena. They soon meet in a futuristic Weather Center run by CEM scientists and weathermen. Here an Artificial Intelligence agent called Tempus will help them learn to use and control their new incredible powers. Day by day the kids practice and turn into super heroes; the MeteoHeroes! They each can make rain or snow fall, release lightning and thunder, make wind blow, raise or lower Earth’s temperature and so on.
Help the MeteoHeroes while they train and discover, under Tempus’s watchful gaze, how to use their powers in beautiful, natural environments ranging from polar ices to burning deserts. Together you will have to work out different challenges, removing obstacles along the way and at the same time learning how Nature reacts to specific weather phenomena.

Learn how to fling lightning bolts, make it rain, puff up clouds, make wind blow, raise the temperature to melt ice or lower it to make it snow. Go from level to level and earn your MeteoCards that teach you about the weather phenomena happening around you every day.
The training period will be over soon enough and then our MeteoHeroes will have to face real problems and solve them. Problems like pollution, global warming, over-consumption of natural resources.

Who are the MeteoHeroes?
Fulmen: he can fling lightning bolts and can run at the speed of light.

Nix: she can make it snow anytime she wants, and materialize giant snowmen.

Nubes: she can style her cloud-like hair into fantastic or terrifying shapes.

Pluvia: she has total control over rain and can turn into a puddle.

Thermo: he controls temperatures at a flick of his wrist.

Ventum: he can blow strong winds and gets around riding a tornado.

– explore the Center where the MeteoHeroes live
– meet the 6 MeteoHeroes, kids who can control weather
– explore 6 different natural environments, each with its own specific weather
– proceed through 6 progressively difficult levels
– earn the 12 MeteoCards, which explain how weather works
– Educational contents developed under supervision of school-age child psychotherapists
– Scientific contents developed in collaboration with weathermen at Centro Epsom Meteo
– Fun sound effects that encourage experimenting
– Original Characters
– Child-friendly interface
– No advertising
– No purchasing in-app

MeteoHeroes is a product

MeteoHeroes The Beginning 1.0 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)
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