Caterra: Battle Royale 1.1.9 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)

Caterra Battle Royale 1.1.9 ApkMod unlimited money

Latest Version of Download Caterra: Battle Royale APK MOD, Unlimited Money Download – for android Action Mobile Game Detail.

Game: Caterra: Battle Royale
Category: Action
Version: 1.1.9
ID: cats.battle.royale

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Short description of Caterra: Battle Royale APK MOD Game – Caterra is here to turn your battle royale experience topsy-turvy!

Gear up for unique multiplayer battle action in one of the most anticipated online battle royale games – captivating battles, amazing prizes, and tons and tons of 3D fun are just the tip of the iceberg in this online game. So, if you’re tired of all those same-looking battle royale games, Caterra is waiting for you!

Exciting game modes:
· Battle Royale
· Team Fight 3×3
· Round Elimination

Enjoy game features:
· Deep gameplay;
· Unique battle royale mechanics;
· Awesome skins;
· Play with friends.

Unlike pretty much all battle royale games out there, Caterra brings you in to the world of battle heroes, who can’t wait but to battle it meowt – either for fun, revenge, or precious rewards. No multiplayer games have done anything like this so far and neither did royale games – you get a unique 3D action game with familiar battle royale mechanics that will exceed your battle game expectations and keep you glued to your device’s screen.


· Multiple feline characters are ready to get in the battle – win and collect points to open them;
· Each character has unique battle abilities and sets of powers – upgrade them to get maximum impact in your online battle games;
· Uncanny and fun 3D designs and action sequences not found in most other battle games.


· Simple gameplay that sets Caterra apart from most battle games – no need for complicated tutorials, you’ll start winning in this fun game as soon as you launch;
· Choose battle royale scenarios and maps – this 3D game features diverse locations that will always keep you entertained in your every single multiplayer battle;
· Battle with your friends – invite them to share hours of online game fun in Caterra.


· Create and join clans like in the best online games – invite other cats, either friends or total strangers to gain more special prizes;
· Smooth and fun graphics – along with character design, enjoy amazing weapon and action animations in every battle royale game;
· PvP battles for more fun with your friends or teammates – train along with your co-battlers to become a PURRFECT battling machine;
· Upgrade your characters to gain more power, speed, and special attack efficiency for more battle royale wins.

Download Caterra today for FREE and battle your way to the top!

A new season of Cat Pass!
Improved visual effects.
Added missing animations.


Decreased movement speed.
Decreased reload speed.
Increased damage.
Increased movement speed.
Increased reload speed.
Now Tom needs at least 4 bullets in a clip to start shooting.
Decreased health points.


Fixed a bug where you couldn’t create a squad of three players.
Fixed the waiting button.
Fixed a bug where a player stayed stunned till the end of the match.

Caterra: Battle Royale 1.1.9 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)
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