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Game: 大俠客—濟公降世
Category: Role Playing
ID: com.rxsj.ssjj

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Short description of 大俠客—濟公降世 APK MOD Game – ◆全新職業濟公來襲!濟公降世好運來,福氣翻倍鬧新年!








◆The new occupation Jigong is coming! Jigong came into the world with good luck, and the blessings doubled for the New Year!
◆Resurrection of the situation, and fight the rivers and lakes again! Gather former comrades-in-arms, and relive the dream of knights in the six major occupations!

[The new Chinese New Year expansion film debuts, Jigong is shocked to the world]
The Spring Festival occupation “Jigong” is coming! Jigong, as a swordsman’s rumored profession, has strong martial arts, turning the blade of the blade into a fan, light and without losing combat effectiveness, with a hearty and refreshing combo, and a sense of strike that is close to reality. Not only can it subdue demons and demons, but it can also bring good luck. Great luck in the Year of the Tiger, Jigong brings blessings!

[Log in to receive 200 consecutive draws, and the benefits will be added to the carnival]
Brand new martial arts, a lot of benefits are waiting for you! Log in to receive 200 consecutive draws of gashapon coins! There are also various development acceleration props to obtain benefits, and there is a chance to draw a cute pet spirit horse. Will you be the next European emperor?

[Chang Yi Jianghu, feel the beautiful martial arts style]
The beautiful martial arts MMO mobile game, the characteristic rivers and lakes scenes are very dreamy, jumping over the gurgling water, watching the peach blossoms laugh in the spring breeze. Exquisite 3D pictures, real-time light and shadow of character movements; fresh and bright game scenes, let you linger in the world of martial arts!

[Hot-blooded youth, only for you]
Enter the game, you are the protagonist! Lead the development of the main storyline, battle the world of martial arts, and start a new adventure. Experience the brand-new martial arts gameplay and feel the passionate dungeon battle; stand alone in the arena, cross-server duel, and compete against the Central Plains.

[Cool transformation, the inner power is awakening]
The shapes are diverse, and the Jianghu Rangers show their individual style; domineering wings and cool mounts make you dizzy! The beasts and pets follow you to fight in the Quartet and go to the end of the world together; the magic of the magic weapon is cool, and the extraordinary help accompanies you to interpret the legend of martial arts!

【Intimate socializing, create a romantic relationship that only belongs to you】
The perfect interactive system helps you make appointments at all times, and various social gameplays such as friends, brothers, gangs, and cross-servers are waiting for you to participate. Real-time intimate interaction, after getting to know each other and marrying each other, the prosperous wedding banquet will be a good story for the future!

[Vertical screen operation, a new experience of offline growth]
The vertical screen brings a new operating experience, free your hands to say goodbye to boring monsters and upgrades; you can also get experience rewards when you hang up offline, and you can easily and happily enter the world!

====Contact Us====
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ssjj.dxk or search @大人客
Because this software involves violent plots, it is classified as a supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method.
The game provides paid services such as the purchase of virtual game coins and items.
Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.

大俠客—濟公降世 Apk+Mod (unlimited money)
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